Amtrak across America – New York

After surviving our 12+ hour journey from Savannah (read about it here) we arrive in the middle of the night to the concrete jungle – New York! The subway was hot, stuffy and the crowd down there at 2am was interesting to say the least…but with some help from a lovely but tired security guard, we made it to the Sheraton New York Time Square Hotel. The next morning, we went to find some breakfast and discovered this literally a stones throw from our hotel.

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Amtrak around America – Savannah

Finally, a year after the trip of a lifetime I am sitting my butt down and sharing it all with you. Because it was too good not to share! Last summer I set off on an Amtrak adventure for 7 weeks with 2 of my best girls (read my top Amtrak tips here).

Quick back story; when I started at Portsmouth University a charity trip caught my eye – climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of Meningitis Research Foundation. In my second year I signed up and completed the challenge (I will eventually write a blog post about it, I promise). I was lucky enough to have the amazing Team Simba with me but especially lucky to meet these two wonderful girls. After quickly becoming friends we discussed travelling over to America to see Sam (her family lives over there) and explore some states together.


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Portsmouth Pearls – Mozzarella Joe’s

Here’s a question for you all, what do you think of when I say ‘Summer in Britain’? Pimms, strawberries and cream in Wimbledon? Live music at colourful festivals? Ice cream and fish & chips by the beach? Hometown BBQ’s? Nina Nesbitt’s single (or is that just me…)? If you answered some of the above then you must go to Mozzarella Joe’s!

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Wittering Camping

If you haven’t noticed already, summer has finally arrived to the UK! Granted it’s a tad on and off but the sun definitely came to say hello. Dillon and I decided to take full advantage of the weather and the new found freedom of my car (how have I lived without it). So in traditional British fashion, we went camping. However we couldn’t just go anywhere, we had to go to my favourite place.

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Portsmouth Pearls – Spinnaker High Tea

Since I started at the University of Portsmouth back in 2014 (eecckkk) my mum and I have been dying to go up Spinnaker Tower.  Now thats no surprise to anyone as it is one of the most popular attractions in the city but we weren’t just going to admire the view. Unknown to some, Spinnaker has much more to offer than just being a great landmark. One of these options is Hight Tea, 100m above sea level high! And thats exactly what we did!

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Portsmouth Pearls – Hong Kong Charlies

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Another hidden gem and one that you could be walking past. On the end of Palmerston Road in Southsea you can find this unique bar: Hong Kong Charlies (HKC). Known in Portsmouth for its one of a kind, made in house vodka. HKC offers flavours of all different kinds; from fruits like Cherry to sweet-tooth choice like Starburst (I recommend Fizzy Cola Bottle). And wow do they taste incredible! Shot on their own or mixed with lemonade/coca cola the flavours will never fail to put a smile on your face.

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