Just do it!

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This is not the normal type of blog post under this title, I’m not going to be encouraging you all to live life to the full, travel more ect. (well I won’t be talking about that today) because as important as that all is, I wanna focus on a different and really a much smaller risk.

Holiday Competitions

Yes we’ve all entered them, put our email address in, dreaming of that all expense paid trip to relax in Bali, roadtrip down the east coast of Australia or hike Machu Picchu. But really we have that little voice of reason in our head which tells us ‘Its not real’ ‘Just advertising’ ‘No one really wins!’. Well thats what I thought too until my boyfriend came round shaking saying he had an email saying he had won a competition we forget we had both entered months ago. After a call to the company, our lovely trip organiser Samantha had confirmed that D had indeed won 5 nights in Cancun in a 5 star hotel, all transport included as well as £1000 spending money!

*Cue disbelief, jumping around and smiling our faces off whilst mentally packing*

After confirming dates, 3 months later we were jetting off to Cancun, all because he had entered in his email address. Now I understand that it can be a bit unnerving entering in your details but if its nothing personal or dodgy of course (never give out your bank details), then why not! Its only an email address at the end of the day.

So, in the wise words of Nike, just do it! Like I said to D when I sent him the link, you never know!

I’ve got my everythings crossed for you guys, good luck!



What competition have you enter recently?

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