What am I doing this Summer?

So I realise my blog is a bit bare and slow at the moment as I have just finished university, therefore my days are full of fun, BBQ’s, many drinks and general celebrating, (yes its an easy life at the moment)!

However I will make up for it this summer as I have some BIG trips planned….

In June (actually in a few days, eeeekkk) I am heading to Uganda to work with East African Playgrounds, an amazing charity which brings joy to some many children within the country. I will be helping to build a playground and run activities in a school in Jinja as well as trekking to find Silverback Gorillas and white water rafting the Nile plus (if I don’t chicken out) a bungee jumping! I will do a post on my adventures when I return but if you would like to donate my link is here!

July will be graduation month which is exciting on its own however I want to show you all around my university city. Throughout my three years studying at Portsmouth, myself and my housemates have scouted out some pretty awesome places therefore I am launching the ‘Portsmouth Pearls’ series so I can let you all in on the secrets too (you’re welcome)!

Soon after graduating (damn thats a scary thought) I will be flying out to America with my Kilimanjaro girlie Laura to meet our other bestie Sam who lives in Florida. From there and all throughout August we will be Amtrak-ing around the USA. In total we are hitting about 10 major cities as well as many other landmarks! I will do blog posts when I return however whilst I’m out there photos will be posted on Instagram regularly so make sure you give me a follow!

Stay tuned, I promise this summer is going to be EPIC!



What are your plans for summer? Comment and let me know 🙂

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