How to survive a WestJet flight! 

Bargains are always a good find, cheaper flights are an even better one! However what is scarificed for that lower price?

After a very long 9 hours flight from London Gatwick to our USA stopover, Calgary in Canada, Laura and I felt like we could have been more prepared for what we encountered (nothing horrendous but we did experience absolute pure boredom). So here at some top tips for surving a WestJet flight!

  • Go in with an open mind/low expectations: it’s not the fanciest of flights, seats are basic and you do get that discounted value you paid for as complimentary items are very limited….which leads us into the rest of the points!
  • Take own electronics and download everything! Pretty much all Trans-Atlantic flights have onboard entertainment right? Wrong. Some WestJet flights aren’t installed with screens but they do offer tablets for a hiring fee. I was not impressed! Make sure to prepare in advance and download plenty of music and films, or even bring work with you! It will definitely help pass the time!
  • Download the WestJet app: I wish I had known this before boarding, by downloading the free app you can use the onboard Internet (if it’s working) for no charge! Score!
  • Take your own food: plane food is never delicious but the look of this food was not appetising! And it wasn’t included with our ticket so it had to be prepaid for or ordered. I’d recommend avoiding it completely, picking up a meal deal at the airport, plus snacks if you would like. You do get a complimentary drink plus sweet or savoury snack (try and get both, those biscuits and pretzels kept me going!) so take advantage of that!
  • Bring blanket/pillow/anything warm in hand luggage: sleeping items aren’t complimentary so when it gets chilly you will wish you had them in your hand luggage!
  • Pack cable charger: one good thing about WestJet is that each seat has a USB charger which is perfect when you’re using your items instead of hiring a tablet. However our shorter flight didn’t offer them so maybe be ready with portable chargers at hand too!
  • Service can be a bit hit & miss: especially on busy flights but the staff are (mostly) friendly and happy to help!
  • Get out the old school entertainment:  cards, colouring books, novels, notepads for hangman ect. They will all make the journey more enjoyable!

I want to make it clear I’m not outright criticising WestJet, they are a budget airline and for what you pay, it’s decent. But because of certain things not being included in the ticket price, I feel it is valuable to share my experience and preinform the next flyers. So go on, you’re ready now! Go for it!



Have you flown with WestJet? What’s your experience like?

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