Portsmouth Pearls – Atrium

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One of the BEST Portsmouth Pearls (in my personal opinion) is Atrium. A hidden cocktail bar found above The Fat Fox pub. This little gem always has a chilled atmosphere with lots of music (you can ask the DJ or staff for requests) and very reasonably priced drinks. On a weekday they range from £3.65-3.95 and £8.95 for a pitcher however paying £5.50-£5.95 or £12.50 for a pitcher on a weekend (in my opinion) is not a bad deal! They also offer a themed ‘Cocktail of the Week’ for £3.25 and it always tastes good!



The cocktail menu has increased and there is now a whole range to choose from, the classic like Tom Collins to something a bit more unique like the ‘Cocktail Desserts’ range or the wacky shooters and bombs (Milkybar Kid and Skittle Bomb are surprisingly good)!


For myself and my housemates it sort of became our ‘Central Perk’ meeting place and I’m pretty sure the staff recognise us now! We all definitely have our favourite drinks, Long Island Ice Tea being a group choice however I have to recommend the Rasberry Mojito, Cheeky Monkey (Keita’s choice), Purple Dream (Lizzie’s favourite) and After Eight (Louise’s regular).

Its the best place to visit on one of those nights you fancy a drink but want to avoid the busy, messy club nights (sound familiar Lou?). So make sure to drag your course mates or housemates down there or recommend it as a stop off point when visiting Portsmouth, you won’t regret it. But this place is still quite unknown in the student community and to some locals so this will be our little secret 😉 ok? Good, congratulations! You are now a Human of Atrium!

Thank you for the memories Atrium, but you haven’t seen the last of me! I’m sure my old house will be organising a reunion under your roof soon enough!


What’s your favourite cocktail?
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