Portsmouth Pearls – Rosie’s Vineyard

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Tucked away in the corner of Elm Grove, this adorable restaurant boasts great food, good wine and a glorious atmosphere! Quite well known in the Portsmouth area but sometimes over looked in replacement for chain restaurants that can be found in Gunwharf. However the unique setting and high food standard from Rosie’s Vineyard is something that simply can’t be missed! The interior is light and airy with quaint details that gives it a little ‘Parisian’ feel. All the staff are very friendly and the service was run smoothly.

It was the perfect setting for a Sunday catch up with 5/7th of my university house (we missed you Harry & Divya). We all chose the Sunday Roast of chicken stuffed with thyme and onion served with roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding, parsnip mash and seasonal vegetables plus red wine jus (priced at £13.95). Of course it is more pricey than your standard Wetherspoons meal but it was sooooo worth it, delicious! Molly’s high recommendation was extremely accurate.

Aside from the classic Sunday roast, Rosie’s also host Jazz nights every Friday evening. Its a very relaxed setting for sophisticated (dare I say it, adult) evening filled with a the wide range of drinks on offer. From many, many wines to some different liquors. My personal preference; the rudy port. I sound like an old women admitting this but I loved it!



Through Molly’s experience, I know it would also be lovely for date night, jazz or no jazz, the food and drink will not disappoint. Dill and I will be booking a table at Rosie’s soon!


Are there any Jazz bars near you? Please recommend them in the comments!
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