Take a bow 2016

Well, its been an interesting year for Planet Earth to say the least…but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and are looking forward to next year. And of course I’m now (naturally) reminiscing and in all honestly its been a pretty great year!

In 2016 I….

  • survived the stress of final year and dissertation writing (which I managed to bag a first in!)
  • went on holiday to Cancun, Mexico (read how it happened and all the details here and here)
  • and tried scuba diving for the first time
  • lived with my lovely uni girls and Harry (miss you all)
  • graduated from University of Portsmouth with a 2:1
  • volunteered in Uganda with EAP (read about my experience here)
  • saw gorillas in the wild (details here)
  • travelled around the USA with two of my best friends (blog posts coming VERY SOON!)
  • moved home and got my first real job (scary but loving it so far)
  • visited Barcelona and watched them play at Camp Nou
  • spent alot of time with a pretty awesome guy (hi Dill)
  • started this blog! Can’t wait for it to blossom, lots more to come. Stay tuned..

And no matter what life throws this way, its always gonna be a rollercoaster but that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop enjoying the ride! I’m ready for you 2017…BRING IT ON!



Any aims/goals/ideas/dreams for next year? Comment below, I would love to hear them🙂

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