How to survive an Amtrak Journey!

For 7 weeks in summer, I was lucky enough to travel all around America with two of my best friends. How I hear you cry!? Amtrak; a company that has trains racing all across America daily, creating an easy and sometimes cheaper option for travel. It certainly gave us more convenient routes into major cities then flights and airports, as well as giving us the opportunity to view the changing landscape across the country.

However these journeys can be veeerryyy long so here are some top tips to get you to your destination:

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A Ugandan dream

So as you can tell from my previous blog posts and social media snaps, I had an amazing time in Uganda, back in June. I went over to volunteer with EAP as well as trek to find gorillas (read blog posts about both experiences here and here). We also had the choice of an extension activity in-between the trek and opening our playground. I (nervously) chose ‘High Adrenaline’ which meant I spent 2 days white water kayaking the rapids along the Nile with Nile River Explorers followed by a relaxing day on The Hairy Lemon. It was AWESOME! So of course I had to share it with you all.

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A pint o’ Dublin

I absolutely LOVE Christmas, anyone else? The minute December starts, the christmas tack is out, Michael Buble is on and the festival treats are in the oven! To add even more to the festivities, one of my awesome uni housemates Molly has her birthday this month. So last year to celebrate her 21st she wanted to visit the city of Guinness, and of course its an offer I couldn’t refuse and one I just HAVE to share with you!

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We’re off to see Gorillas!

So following on from the awesome experience of building a playground for EAP, we had a blissful rest day then set off early on a very long bus journey (again) to commence a 5 day trek to visit Gorilla’s in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park!

Now I think this experience is one everyone would enjoy and I for one was extremely excited, not just to see this incredible animal but in its natural environment was a dream come true! Although I realise this can be difficult to achieve (travel, cost ect.), it is something I believe should be encouraged more so that we can start moving away from the unfairness of zoo environments.

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My EAP Experience

So this blog post is seeerriiiooouuussslllyyy over due but settling into graduate life has been hectic to say the least. However I can finally tell you all about my 3 amazing weeks out in Uganda, with an amazing charity and amazing people.

Around this time last year, I had just returned from a great challenge (which I will write up as soon as I can) with another awesome charity. So when the University of Portsmouth RAG offered the EAP Gorilla Trek, of course I was interested!

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Portsmouth Pearls – Rosie’s Vineyard

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Tucked away in the corner of Elm Grove, this adorable restaurant boasts great food, good wine and a glorious atmosphere! Quite well known in the Portsmouth area but sometimes over looked in replacement for chain restaurants that can be found in Gunwharf. However the unique setting and high food standard from Rosie’s Vineyard is something that simply can’t be missed! The interior is light and airy with quaint details that gives it a little ‘Parisian’ feel. All the staff are very friendly and the service was run smoothly.

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